An Exciting Announcement for Seattleites from Mike Daisey

In response to the shuttering of the Intiman Theatre, one of Seattle’s most beloved venues, Happy Ending alum Mike Daisey is holding a one-night benefit performance of his monologue, How Theater Failed America, at the Seattle Repertory Theater. Here’s what Daisey has to say:

I’m delighted to announce that the Seattle Rep will be hosting a one-night benefit performance of my monologue HOW THEATER FAILED AMERICA. Every single dollar from this performance will go to arts workers who lost their jobs when Intiman closed its doors just a few weeks ago. The performance will be followed by a public roundtable where we’ll talk about the state of theater in America, and the future of Seattle’s theatrical landscape.
So many people who live close to the bone lost their jobs suddenly in Intiman’s wake–I hope that you can come out and support them on this night, and participate in what I hope will be a candid, honest, open conversation about our art.

Information is below, and the link to tickets is here:

If you’re in Seattle or nearby, then you’re a lucky duck who should be two clicks away from getting tickets. As far as pertinent causes go, this one is pretty important–right up there with saving the future literature. I mean, just think about a theatre-less world. What would you do with your parents when they’re in town? Where would you go to impress a smart, fancy date? What would you watch your kids do at their 6th grade spring showcases?

See? Without theatre, the answers are mad bleak!

Anyway, don’t take my word for it. Check out what Seattle Rep has to say about Daisey’s show and cause.


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