Amor Towles brings us back to the Jazz Age

Recent Happy Ending alum Amor Towles is making a big splash this summer with his new novel The Rules of Civility, a Jazz Age story about the fates of two young gals who both dig the same socialite banker. Cruelty, as you can imagine, unfolds, all within a gilded and diamond-decorated setting, via stunning and captivating prose.
Amor, whose work has been compared to that of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Henry James, treated us to an excerpt at the June Happy Ending, where he had crowd so charmed and dazzled they hardly noticed that their lives were in danger when the author announced that, for his risk, he would be taking batting practice onstage (photo by Gillian Crosson). If you missed the action, you should feel sorry, but calm down–there are more NYC-based events on the horizon. Amor will be reading and signing books tomorrow, August 2 at the Barnes & Noble on 86th and Lexington, starting at 7pm. For downtowners, you can catch him in conversation with Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing author Melissa Bank at an event that McNally Jackson calls “An Affair To Remember,” Wednesday, August 10, also at 7pm, at 52 Prince Street between Lafayette and Mulberry.
There’s really no reason not to go, unless you’re equipped with a rooftop set-up and swimsuit like those below, and, daaahling, you couldn’t possibly tear yourself away, and you say things like “daaahling” instead of “darling.” 

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