Amanda Stern, Prima Ballerina


“Stretching is really important.” – Amanda Stern

Whoa, check Amanda out! She is practically a professional ballerina after only a handful of lessons at the Mark Morris studio in Brooklyn, where, she happily reports, she’s totally the teacher’s fave, receiving approximately five times as many back pats and “Good job!”s as her classmates. She’s like one of those phenom child geniuses, except better, because she’s old enough to drive a car, but smart enough to choose not to. There’s video below for proof, but believe me when I tell you that she’s more than just some monochromatic swan. She’s everything in one! The white and the black, the Natalie and the Mila. She’s the gray swan! She can also speak some pretty good French. But don’t take my word for it. Roll the video below, in which she delivers a rare solo performance from the kitchen of Happy Ending alum, and October 5th reader, Paul LaFarge:


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