Am I Mistaking People for Hats?

I either have an Oliver Sacks-ian disease called Facial De-aphasia (my invention, thank you much) or I just meet too many people. I seem not to recognize anyone. I remember everyone’s name, but the face? No. I find myself, more often than not, having to be reminded who the person is whose just greeted me by name. This is not a good spot in which to find oneself. It takes me at least 4 times of meeting the same person to recognize them on sight the next time.

So, as an experiment, I decided to keep track of how many people I meet in one week. It can’t be cab drivers, or cashiers or even people online who I interact with, but actual physical introductions followed by a conversation of any length. I began this Saturday and I’ll end this coming Saturday. At the end of the week, I’ll see what the number is, and if it’s really high, than I probably don’t have a disease, but if it’s not THAT high, than I might have to visit Dr. Sacks.

I met:

Andrea Schulz
Scott Stein

SUNDAY — 6/15
I met:

Rob (Wylie’s husband)
Jill Dunbar (ex-owner of 3 Lives)
Ellen the antropologist
Kristy Fletcher
Sam Fletcher
Gus Fletcher

MONDAY — 6/16
I met:

Catherine (at Paragraph)

TUESDAY — 6/17
I met:

Aaron O


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