"Absurd, Kinda Dirty, Hilarious…"

Sharp! Funny! Ruthless! There are so many words to describe Andrew Altschul’s debut novel Deus Ex Machina, which, by the way, is on sale now, available for order here and here. It’s a salacious and super-smartly written entertainment biz book that really answers the age old question of what would happen if a group of shameless, fame-hungry, despicableloveable souls were all trapped on a desert island together? You’ll probably want to pick up a copy of this sexy little thing a) because it’s the dead of winter and this is exactly the kind of reading experience we need right now and b) you’ll want to prepare for Andrew’s Happy Ending appearance at the May 4th show at Joe’s. Who’ll have sex? Who’ll get eaten first? Who’ll get to stay on for one more week??

From the author himself, here’s a sneak-preview list of five more things you’ll like about Deus Ex Machina:

1. Beautiful cover by The Believer‘s Alvaro Villanueva.
2. Much (much!) shorter than Lady Lazarus.
3. Get behind the scenes of a reality tv show.
4. People eating squirrels. (No actual animals were harmed.)
5. Special celebrity guest appearance by ________________.

And here are nice things some (VIP) others have said about Deus Ex Machina: 

“Searing, riveting, shockingly smart, and imbued on every page with a wicked sense of humor… The tragicomedy of our time.” – Stacey D’Erasmo

“Rarely has societal critique come with more mayhem… an anarchic assault on the dehumanizing power of media.” – Publishers Weekly

Deus Ex Machina manages simultaneously to be philosophical, absurd, kinda dirty, hilarious and, well, Real… Think Shakespeare’s The Tempest gone distressingly and wonderfully modern.” – Rivka Galchen

More dirt about book and author can be found on Andrew Altschul’s website.


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