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Charm abounds at WORD’s Annual Holiday Open House.  As always (I think?  I’ve never actually experienced this, but it sounds great), WORD has invited a bunch of authors to pull shifts at the shop, meaning one of your fave writers could be trying to figure out the cash register right in front of your very eyes.  All gift wrapping profits go to charity, so even if you’re just buying something for yourself, make it a GIFT to yourself and reap in the karma.

They’ve provided a list of authors with links to their respective sites, but psssht, we know what you really need is a google image guide, so you can accurately spot them.  Click names for photos!
Saturday, December 11
12pm – 2pm:
Gabrielle Bell
Etienne Frossard
Emily Gould
Saturday, December 11
2pm – 4pm
Peter Brown
Brian DeLeeuw
Marcy Dermansky
Julie Powell
Sunday, December 12
12pm – 2pm
Emily St. John Mandel
Rachel Shukert
Julia Wertz
Sunday, December 12
2pm – 4pm
Sean Ferrel
Tad Hills
Sara Marcus
Olugbemisola Rhuday Perkovich


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