A Good Week in Culture

Jim White’s been in town and I was lucky enough to see him play an unbelievable show at Union Hall on Thursday (thanks, Paul Dalen!). I pretty much loved everything he played, but there was one song he sang that was so intrinsically beautiful I can’t remember anything about it. That’s how deep inside it traveled.

Jim White’s record label is the superb Luaka Bop.

My friend Yale Evelev started Luaka Bop. Yale is the ultimate champion – the chief of the great find. Also, he has the most amazing loft in Soho (at affordable 1980s prices)!

A good week for music…


My friend, Sheila Heti started a metaphysical poll

This is about to get a lot of press, so go there now and say you were first in line! While you’re there look into Sheila’s other work. She’s a damn fine writer and always doing interesting thought-provoking things. Canadians. So free-spirited.


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