I vow to be a better blogger.
I vow to write about the turkey party I attended
and the Nico Muhly premiere at the Guggenheim
and Danny Hoch’s “Taking Over.”
Also, I will upload pictures
and respond to emails
and pay my bills
And I will write about the new
musicians I’m discovering
Like Sam Amidon
and Grizzly Bear
and how I keep playing that one
Mike Doughty song, “From the Bottom of a Well,”
over and over again not because it’s a great song
but because it makes me really happy
which I suppose makes it a great song.
I will be better
I will be more consistent
I will be more attentive
but mainly, i vow
never to write this way again
as though I am Rosie O Donnell
claiming creativity
as to mask my laziness.
Soon it’s off to the library and then to my grandmother’s basement
where I have stored all my old clothes
which have now aged accordingly and
therefore are all back in fashion (the mark of a true recessionista).
and then to the 92nd Street Y
to be Henry Timms’s guest
at the Garrison Keiller thingadoo.
But first before all else
I will respond to the email of the most cited
theoretical physicist in America that awaits
in my inbox.



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