2 for 2

Wednesday night’s show was SOLD OUT! And what an unbelievably amazing night it was. 10 members of the cast of HAIR sang “America” by Simon and Garfunkel with Jayne Anne Phillips (her son, Theo Stockton is in the cast) and brought tears to nearly everyone’s eyes. It was really moving and I choked up. Daniel Knox blew everyone away, as I suspected he would, Sarah Manguso tore it up and everyone clamored to buy books and cds (though no one bought a tshirt! the tshirts are marked down from 8 billion dollars to 15 dollars and yet, nothing! No movement!) I was really happy with it all. I invited Gillian Crosson to join me and SS for Doveman’s show. Gillian introduced me to Justin Bond and Our Lady J and we sat at the table next to them. Doveman’s show was extraordinary. More on that later, I must do some work or I will get fired. (Sometimes I fire myself when I procrastinate for too long).

TK: Doveman’s show, my show, Beirut’s show that I’m seeing tonight at BAM, the party at the Baronessa’s house last night, Sufjan’s “listening party” and lot’s more…


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