Blurry Lurie.

John Lurie read from his memoir, “What Do You Know About Music You’re Not a Lawyer.” For his risk, he played Harmonica onstage for the first time in 35 years. Maybe it was 25 years. Whatever, it had been awhile. And it was something that can’t be recounted in words. It was astounding. It was stunning. It hurt because it was so good.


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  1. Amanda Avatar

    I know that I’m biased and all, but I simply need to reiterate how stupifyingly insane this performance was. My chills got chills.

  2. Nerdalie Avatar

    I agree Amanda. It was a night that I will never forget. My (future) children will think that I’m the coolest mom ever, thanks to you and John Lurie.

  3. Amanda Avatar

    You’re very welcome. I hope you return next year for more.

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