My name is Amanda; I write literary fiction, memoir, and children’s books. I also have an extensive background in comedy, live-event curation and production.

My newsletter, “How to Live” asks questions about how we live, diving deep into the vast archives of psychological thought to unearth the best ideas for living a deeper, more meaningful life.

Little Panic is a memoir about growing up with an undiagnosed panic disorder in NYC, and how knowing something was wrong with me, without knowing it's name shaped my entire life.

Interested in psychology and mental health?

Every Wednesday, I send an email out to over 26K subscribers addressing a different thought, idea or concept about the difficulty of being human. I dig into some of the best ideas from psychology to explore ways we can feel and live better.


Bookable takes the listener through a walking tour inside a different book with the author, who lights the way.

Authors include: Alexander Chee, Susan Choi, Roxane Gay, Rumaan Alam, Neil Gaiman, Ottessa Moshfegh, Karen Russell, Cathy Park Hong and many others